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Man, it’s been too long. The last time I came to White Castle was two years ago over winter break when me and three other friends downed two Crave Cases that night. We celebrated the achievement at the time, but our bodies (and digestive systems) definitely didn’t thank us in the 24 hours following that. Tonight, we took a return trip to the famed institution that was made famous by one particular movie.

Now, time for some pictures from our visit and not theirs.

In previous visits, I had incrementally increased my tolerance for the number of sliders I could stomach. The first time: 5. The subsequent visit: 7. The visit after that: 10. The visit prior to today’s: 14. I usually got to about 7 sliders before I felt the initial wave hit my digestive system, and today I felt pretty confident that I could take on the challenge once again.

We got an entire Crave Case filled with 30 cheeseburger sliders and immediately set to work on it. Each of us had the mission: finish 10 sliders out of the box and we would be golden. We could say that we have finished yet another treasure trove of Golden Goodness. But alas, that was not the case. I did manage to finish off the 10 allotted to myself, but the mission to finish off the Crave Case did not complete as planned. I think it’s safe to say that both of my friends’ stomachs thanked them for showing mercy. Mine just growled at me.

White Castle is just one of those places you take a trip out to once in a while just to say that “you did it.” Some might say it’s disgusting, some might say it’s delicious, but at the end of the day, it boils down to how grand of a sculpture that you can build with your empty slider boxes. We managed to get an archway going today, but last visit we built some random snake-looking thing that was taller than our heads when we sat at the table. Now that was awesome.

But, we left with our heads held high and ready to fight another day. The Castle has survived the siege. . . for now.

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