Address: 40 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

These past few days, I’ve been pretty good about eating healthy and exercising consistently. Today, I had a muffin for breakfast, some fried rice for lunch, ran a mile at the gym, and… had a Fat Sandwich filled with artery-clogging ingredients from R U Hungry.

I have heard plenty about grease trucks, whether it be from my friends who go to Rutgers University or on TV shows like Extreme Pig Out or Man vs. Food. Essentially, the fine men and women that operate this establishment make it their mission to combine foods that we loved growing up (and probably still love today), such as chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, cheeseburgers, French fries, cheese steaks, and onion rings, and pile them onto a hero roll to create a variety of different Fat Sandwich combinations. Tonight, I got myself a Fat Darrell, which is loaded with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, and French fries, and happily wolfed it down. Being that this was my first time having a Fat Sandwich, I was very surprised to find that the sandwich wasn’t very greasy or heavy.

I wasn’t expecting any gourmet flavors to come together and wow me, but it was more of the fact that here were things that I really enjoy eating separately and threw them all together onto one sandwich. If you visit, you will find a whole slew of different combinations that they have retained from the original menu as well as new ones that people have made up over the years as well. On the front of their handout menu, R U Hungry lays out a bold challenge and says that if one can finish 5 Fat Sandwiches within 45 minutes, that person can name a new sandwich after himself and it will get put up on the menu. Who knows, maybe that will become my next food mission.

As for ranking R U Hungry, it’s more of just a place where you walk up to the window, order, and then sit down to eat the stuff at some tables they have right there (exactly like food-truck style). It’s not the most elegant dining experience you’ll ever have, but it’s more of the experience and saying that you had a Fat Sandwich from the originals. Plus, there’s only one ranking that you’ll need:

Overall: Awesome

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