Address: 188 State Route 35 South, Eatontown, NJ 07724

I have an enormous amount of respect for Bobby Flay. When I first started watching Food Network, he was a person that I watched pretty frequently. One of his original shows featured him out on the grill and always whipping up something pretty tasty, from ribs to vegetables to burgers. When his fast casual burger concept, Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP), opened up at the local mall, I was really excited to go in and try it. That was about three or four years ago. Back then, my initial first impression was kind of underwhelming, and that’s why I was hesitant to have return. But I’m really glad that I did, because the restaurant has worked out a few of the kinks that concerned me back then and now is a definite place that I would go to look for an upscale burger.

The restaurant setup is a little interesting in that when you first walk in, you go to the counter and order. You take the number they give you and venture out into the dining area, which doesn’t consist of the regular booths or four-person tables. Rather, there are arrangements of wavy bar-style benches or elongated tables, designed more to have a “family-style” atmosphere I guess. One thing that I find pretty cool about BBP is the Burger of the Month, which is a burger designed by Chef Flay himself and rotated out each month. The Burger of the Month for July was the Mulberry Street burger, which consisted of mozzarella cheese, basil ketchup, Parmesan cheese, and baby arugula greens on top. The burger was cooked very well and it was nice and juicy (I got it cooked medium rare). The flavors were all there and the harmony of the all the ingredients made it kind of a different, but pleasant burger to have. One thing that you can also do to add some more texture is to “crunchify” your burger by having the cooks put some potato chips in your burger. I got them on the burger and I thought that it was pretty fantastic.

BBP will run on the expensive side, due in large part because the burger and the side items (such as the fries or onion rings) are sold separately. I paid about $11 for my meal, but if you came here for dinner I would say that the price would be much more reasonable. The service was really great; the guy taking my order at the counter was really nice and the waitresses came to ask us how we were doing after our food came out. The decor of the interior was really nice as well, with large windows really making it well-lit inside the restaurant. Although there are some reviews that are out there that frown on BBP for having such high prices, I think that the burgers at BBP really utilize fresh ingredients to create some innovative flavor combinations for sure.

Here are my rankings for Bobby’s Burger Palace:

Food: 5 / 5
Burger was absolutely spot on, with flavor depth and combination. The other burgers on the menu sound excellent as well.

Atmosphere: 4 / 5
I’m not particularly a fan of the non-segmented tables, but the decor is really nice and gives the restaurant a very modern-esque ambiance.

Service: 5 / 5
The wait staff was really courteous and all of our food came very quickly.

Price: 4 / 5
Definitely leans on the expensive side, but also definitely worth it for the burgers as well.

Overall: 18 / 20 (90%)

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