Last post: August 8, 2011. Well, that certainly needs to change.

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy. From heading back to school to getting settled in my new apartment to having actual homework again, time is eaten away in an instant; my food blog has been sadly neglected. It has also been in this timeframe that I have pondered how to update my food blog more often.

In the four-month period that I have had this blog, I have already amassed over 2,750 views; that is in no small part due to all of you readers, and I truly thank you for it. However, I feel that with the current setup I have, it has become sort of a “reference” blog, and I strictly post just restaurant reviews or the latest dish that I’m cooking up. I’m going to test out expanding the blog so that it also encompasses food-related things that I might encounter on a regular basis, so that there are not week-long (if not longer) gaps before I ever update the blog. After all, there are only so many restaurants that I can visit and only so many dishes that I have time to cook.

My new “Fast Bites” category will be aimed in posting up the aforementioned general food updates, and could also serve up the occasional window of what’s going on in my life. So readers, I hope that you enjoy my little adjustment to the blog, and do let me know if you have any suggestions!

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