This Fall Break was definitely a welcome relief to the past 7 weeks of being constantly occupied with homework and projects. Four days to just relax and not think about schoolwork (for the most part, anyways). The highlight of was definitely going skydiving on Monday. The weather worked out perfectly, with not being too many clouds in the sky and it not being overwhelmingly hot that day either.

So that’s what 10,000 feet above sea level looks like!

It was my first time doing it, and surprisingly enough, I wasn’t too terrified even as we were going out the door of the plane. Or maybe my mind was already numbed over from the nerves, but it was honestly one of the most thrilling experiences that I have ever had and something that I would definitely do again. Even though this weekend was really relaxing, I definitely should have started on working on some homework over the weekend to offset the workload that I had coming back to the school week. 

…And 5 hours later from working on one of my three homework assignments due Friday, I decided that it was probably time for a break and got to cooking some dinner. Food options are once again running a bit scarce in our apartment, but tonight I was able to throw a few things together and tweaked off of a previous dish I have made.

I elected to go with a rigatoni casserole dish, made only with pasta, pasta sauce, onions, bacon, and some shredded cheddar cheese. I mixed the minced onions and fried bacon into the pasta sauce that we had bought from the store, heated the oven to 350 degrees, and layered the casserole dish with pasta sauce, rigatoni, cheese, and repeated those three layers again. I threw the covered dish into the oven for 20 minutes, and when it came out, it looked really nice.

The cheese had melted over the top of the pasta, and the aroma coming from the pasta sauce that was on the bottom layers of the casserole really drew you in. It tasted great, with a nice mix of the spices in the sauce as well as the onions and bacon, and proved to be a hearty meal. Between four people eating it, it disappeared quite quickly. It’s a great dish to make on the fly, and doesn’t require an excessive amount of work to prepare it, which is really useful on a busy night when you just want to whip something up for dinner.

And now, back to the impending doom that is homework….

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