Looking back at the past week, I would say that it is a miracle that I survived. Having lived essentially deadline-to-deadline every single day last week, it was quite the pressure cooker of stress. Add to the fact that a lot of things have recently been on my mind (outside of schoolwork), I’ve been feeling a little bit off in the past eight days. (I apologize to anyone who thinks I’ve been mad lately. I promise I’m usually never like that at all!) I’ve come to the conclusion that last week was Hell Week, where school comes in and knocks you around, and that was in preparation for Dead Week to come in and finish you off. Finals Week, well, that’s a whole separate animal in itself.

So, I took to my #1 de-stresser to give me a break during these chaotic next few days: cooking (or in this case, baking). I used up another bag of marshmallows that we had sitting in the pantry, and made some more Rice Krispy Treats. This time, however, I took a twist on it and layered half of the Rice Krispies in the dish first, and then added in a nice layer of chocolate and peanut butter chips to it.  Rice Krispies + marshmallows + chocolate chips + peanut butter chips = sugar frenzy in your mouth. Where in that equation could you possibly go wrong?

Great for snacking, or for any part of a balanced meal.

The next thing up on the block is some good ol’ banana bread. We’ve got a few bananas that look like they are moving away from the “fresh” classification, and no better way to repurpose them that to turn them into a nice, warm loaf of hearty bread.

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