Chip dips are one of those things that have a food class all of their own. There are so many different kinds that you really can’t go wrong with any particular one, pending you don’t mix things like anchovies and cheese or something of that sort (I shiver at the thought and cringe in disgust). My roommate Lee has made his buffalo chicken dip several times this past school year, and I’ve always been interested in branching out from something different than my 5-Layer Mexican Chip Dip that I usually make. So, I challenged him to a pseudo-“dip throwdown.”

It’s so bubbly!

We both had some pretty common ingredients with Frank’s Red Hot, ranch dressing, and chicken; the only place where I differed a little bit was to add blue cheese dressing and some extra cheese on the top to see if I could change the flavor combinations a little bit. So, sitting in the judges’ chairs were roommate Jason and neighbor Nanda. The results were tallied: Jason voted for -> Lee, Nanda voted for -> Dennis. Well, that’s a dead tie. The final result: there’s a lot of buffalo chicken dip in our fridge. The recipe will have to be tweaked a little bit after trying it out for the first time this run, but hopefully I’ll be able to nail it spot-on the next time.

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