ADDRESS: 2902 Tapo Canyon Road #0901, Simi Valley, CA 93063


Last month, I was taking my car down to a Simi Valley auto shop to get some service done. Typically, I like to go first thing in the morning, so that way my car isn’t stacking up behind other work orders at the shop. I stayed at a Coffee Bean nearby while I was waiting for my car’s service to get completed, and had noticed that there was a breakfast place across the plaza called The Flying Yolk. During a follow-up visit to the auto shop, I decided to take a stop to grab a breakfast sandwich and check it out.

Their specialty is definitely breakfast, with a selection of sandwiches, burritos, and waffles, along with some other breakfast choices if you weren’t in the mood for the other options. I’m always a fan of a good breakfast sandwich, and I was gravitating towards their Cali Fried option. Fried egg, bacon, avocado, tomato, tater tots, cheddar cheese, and their Fly sauce (made from tomato sauce, egg yolk mayo, and a combination of 13 spices), all on a toasted brioche bun. I like each one of those ingredients, so putting them all together made it a safe bet I’d like that, too.

Even though the dining area was a bit on the smaller side (could only fit about 30 people), I feel like since people would be finishing their food within five to ten minutes, table availability wouldn’t become an issue. I also did notice that there were quite a few people that would stop in and grab their breakfast sandwiches to-go during my time at the restaurant.

My breakfast sandwich was ready pretty quick, probably no more than two minutes after I had placed my order. With all of the ingredients stacked together on the brioche bun, there was definitely some heft to the sandwich. It was probably as tall as some burgers I’ve gotten at restaurants. But the sandwich looked great, and I liked the fact that there was some color contrast between all of the ingredients within the sandwich itself.

Not only was there a good color contrast between the ingredients but there was also a good textural contrast as well. The crunch from the bacon and tater tots set them apart from the egg, avocado, and tomato. From a flavor perspective, the Fly sauce did help provide a slight bit of heat, a subtle sweetness, but an overall savory flavor to each bite of the sandwich. I actually inadvertently forgot to ask for no cheddar cheese in my sandwich, but the melted cheese over the top of the tater tots definitely helped to add another layer of flavor to mix in with all of the other ingredients.

The sandwiches might seem to lean a bit on the pricey end, but I think that for the amount of food that they give you, along with the quality of the ingredients, that helps to soften the blow to your wallet. If I find myself down in the area again to get my car serviced, I know where I’ll be stopping to pick up a hearty breakfast that should keep me satisfied for the rest of the morning.

Let’s now take a look at The Flying Yolk Dish Spotlight. Asterisks (*) below mark my recommended dishes.

** Cali Fried Breakfast Sandwich **
Fried egg, bacon, avocado, tomato, tater tots, cheddar cheese, and Fly sauce (tomato sauce, egg yolk mayo, and 13 spices), served on a brioche bun.


And finally, here are my rankings for The Flying Yolk:

Food: 4.25 / 5

The selection of breakfast options was solid, with quite a few different things to choose from, depending on what you were in the mood for. The flavor combination of my sandwich was good, and it was definitely a hearty portion that kept my hunger satisfied for the rest of the morning.

Atmosphere: 4 / 5

The restaurant seems to operate on more of a grab-and-go type of mentality, so the seating arrangements seem to be more functional in nature, just a place for you to sit down and eat real quick.

Service: 4.25 / 5

The staff member at the counter who helped me out was nice, and even helped to give me some pointers when I was ordering off the menu. The food was prepared pretty quickly, and I was enjoying my breakfast in no time.

Price: 4 / 5

The food price definitely leans on the expensive side (Steak & Eggs burrito is the most expensive, pushing close to $20), but I think that the portions of the food provided are a good amount for what you get.

16.5 / 20

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