Golden chicken nuggets.


Cooking a full meal for yourself can be kind of difficult sometimes; I know this from doing it quite frequently last semester. Add in the fact that we haven’t gotten groceries for the past three weeks and the apartment’s pantry is nearly empty… well, then it becomes quite the challenge. Luckily, the pantry had everything I needed for a quick 30-minute meal fix: chicken nuggets.

Golden chicken nuggets.

Some good ol’ golden goodness.

The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity, as it only requires 5 ingredients: chicken, salt, Italian seasoning, egg, panko breadcrumbs. The ones I made tonight were a variation off of the double-breaded nuggets I made a little while ago, but I actually found that these were easier to make, required less time, and they still came out tasting great.

For making chicken nuggets, I always look for four primary things: taste, moistness, crunch, and that golden color. These nuggets had a great crunch to them on the outside from the panko, added in with the salt and Italian seasoning to give it some depth. I paired the nuggets with some Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce to help accentuate the flavors as well. The chicken on the inside was very moist, giving it a nice contrast from the initial first crunch you get. I was also able to finally achieve that nice, golden color on the nuggets that I wasn’t able to before. I attribute that to a reduced cooking temperature over the stove and just keeping an eye on the pan, making cooking adjustments to the heat and flipping the chicken accordingly.

Even though I only used panko breadcrumbs this time, as opposed to the panko / flour combination last time, I think that they really came out great. Besides, I need some way to fulfill my chicken nugget cravings now that the local Chick-Fil-A has ceased doing Nugget Night 😦

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