Dinner game plan: beef enchiladas. Okay, that seemed pretty good at the time, considering that I have made them before. The execution all seemed pretty good throughout prepping the beef, onions, and garlic. It was about time I started to prep them for the oven stage did things really start to rollercoaster downhill.

I was using the Market Pantry (Target store brand) corn tortillas, and I have to say those are probably some of the worst product that I have ever used. The tortillas were pretty stiff; when I stuffed them with meat to put into the casserole dish, just the act of curling them would cause it to tear, leaving me with an open-faced enchilada sitting in the dish and me sitting there scratching my head. What to do, what to do.Well, I did my best to wrap the rest of them, pour the enchilada sauce and cheese over them, and throw them in the oven. When I took them out of there and tried to start plating them, just the weight of the meat, combined with me lifting the enchilada out of the pan, caused it to rip open as well, leaving a crumpled heap of torn tortilla shell, melted cheese, enchilada sauce, and beef sitting on the plate.

What a food fail.

All in all, a lesson learned today: sometimes, you just can’t skimp away on store brand stuff. It’s better to shell out the extra $1 or $2 to buy the name brand stuff, because in the end all the components of the dish are what make it great. One bad cookie in there and that could be the dealbreaker for the dish. In this case, it was those dang tortillas. But for now, on to prepping those BBQ bacon cheddar burgers for tomorrow’s tailgate. Maybe someday in the future I can redeem myself with another batch of enchiladas.

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