When I was younger, one of my favorite sushi rolls to order was the M16 Roll from Sono Sushi back home. It combined both cooked and raw salmon, and provided a little crunch with asparagus, topped off with spicy Sriracha mayo sauce. After my first attempt at making sushi several weeks ago, I decided to set my sights on recreating this dish from my childhood, with a few added tweaks. Refer to my full sushi post to learn more about the sushi-making process.

M16 Roll

Core Components:
~ Inside:
Cooked salmon

~ Outside:
Raw salmon
Sriracha mayo sauce

The roll itself had the overall structure and look that I wanted it to have. The Sriracha mayo complimented the raw salmon on top very well and the asparagus inside the roll gave it the crunch that I remember it having from the restaurant. I underestimated both the amount of cooked salmon I needed as well as how thick the roll would be with all the ingredients in the middle. Because of that, I would recommend using a seaweed sheet that is at least 4″ wide (mine was closer to 3″). The wrapping didn’t fully close at some points, which made it difficult to cut without some stuff falling out.

For the salmon, I only cooked up a few chunks I had lying around after cutting the slices for the top. Next time, I’ll cook at least a 2 oz. salmon filet to use for the filling. Any leftovers could be used in another roll or just eaten straight up (a snack perhaps while making the sushi?). With adding in more cooked salmon, that flavor will be much more pronounced to balance out the roll.

The avocado slices were added inside to try to provide a texture contrast from the rest of the roll, and the panko breadcrumbs sprinkled on top to give it another crunch as well. Next time, I’ll use some more Sriracha mayo on the top and garnish it with some fresh cut scallions.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying this again in the near future, and will update this post after I give it a second shot.

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