Address: 7001 Manchester Boulevard, Suite K, Alexandria, VA 22310

There’s something about a fresh-cooked breakfast sandwich that always sounds delicious. You can then imagine how a fresh-cooked breakfast sandwich after working a 12-hour night shift sounds.

Going out to get a breakfast sandwich is something that my friend Andrew and I do usually after finishing a set of night shifts. We’ve bounced around between a few places before discovering Manchester Bagel, and since then, it’s pretty much been the regular stop.

I’m under the impression that Manchester Bagel was previously a Manhattan Bagel franchise, but then may have gotten bought out by the franchise owners and is now operated independently. The Manhattan Bagel brand is on the cream cheese in the fridge by the register (evidence to help support the theory?).

Our most recent trip to Manchester Bagel had me exploring some interesting flavor combos. Steak, egg, and cheese on a banana nut bagel? Jalapeño bagel with strawberry cream cheese? But in all honesty, it actually tasted pretty good.  The latter was nice with the little “sweet and spicy” flavor combo that was going on.

But the one thing that I know that I can depend on when I go here for a bagel is the consistent quality of tasting freshly baked. I’ve had a number of their “specialty” bagel flavors (egg, blueberry, banana nut, jalapeño, French toast, to name some) and they all taste delicious. When lightly toasted, all of the bagels have that spongy softness quality on the inside with that slightly crisp outside that make them enjoyable.

In addition to just breakfast sandwiches, Manchester Bagel also has an extensive lunch menu as well, something that I will have to stop by at some point to try. But the true stars of the show are still their bagels, baked well and packed with flavor. It’s something I’m glad they have been able to deliver every time I’m there, and something that makes me keep wanting to return.

Here are my rankings for Manchester Bagel:

Food: 4.75 / 5
There is a wide variety of bagels that they bake, with a nice spread of cream cheese flavors to go along with it. Their breakfast sandwiches are fantastic, and a lot of their menu options for lunch sound delicious as well.

Atmosphere: 4.5 / 5
The interior is decorated nicely with a similar styling reminiscent of other bakery café storefronts like Panera, Einstein Bros, or Bruegger’s. It certainly has a pleasant vibe for a place to relax and enjoy your breakfast or lunch.

Service: 5 / 5
The staff is very nice, the food is always ready very quickly, and someone from the back will bring it out to you if you’re dining in.

Price: 4.5 / 5
I think that the prices of the breakfast sandwiches are very comparable to other competing bakery cafés. I think for the price you pay, the quality certainly backs it up.

Overall: 18.75 / 20 (94%)

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