Address: 501 East Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

My friend Andrew and I have talked about visiting Jimmy T’s for the past couple of weeks, and only yesterday did our schedules line up so that we could make the trip out there. The added plus is that driving out to the city on the weekend is far easier without having to sit around waiting in traffic.

The place itself looks to be located in one section of a two-story apartment building, with a low-key brick exterior. Inside you’ll find some tables, a few booths, and a long bar top that, once full, can certainly feel like you’re packed in. It’ll certainly get crowded on the weekends, so it’d be best to arrive early to grab a seat before the rush.

The menu offers a wide variety of common breakfast staples to choose from: eggs, bacon, waffles, you name it. They also offer a number of sandwiches and subs as well if you’re stopping by for lunch. A list of rotating specials can be found written up on the whiteboard hanging behind the counter to the left when you first walk in.

Having seen one of those flipover Belgian-style waffle makers tucked away next to the griddle, it reminded me of back in college when those were present at the dining halls. I’d always venture over to those things and make a waffle, top it off with some strawberry preserves and syrup, and that breakfast would start off the day on a good note. I decided to go that same route and order the Breakfast Combo #3 that had the half waffle, a sausage patty, and one egg cooked to order, with a side plate of home fries.

I thought that everything on the breakfast combo tasted good: the waffle was nice and fluffy, the sausage patty had good flavor, and my egg over easy was cooked perfectly. The home fries, on the other hand, definitely left something to be desired and, to be honest, seemed kind of like an afterthought. They weren’t seasoned at all and one potato slice that I bit into was still kind of raw. I’ll probably pass on ordering that again.

Home fries aside, I thought that Jimmy T’s is a good no-frills place to pick up some breakfast, whether it be on a casual weekend morning or a quick stop on the way to work. The place certainly has that neighborhood “diner” feel, which makes it a great stop for those hungry for a home-cooked breakfast.

Here are my rankings for Jimmy T’s:

Food: 4.25 / 5
I like the different options they offer for breakfast, and for the most part, my food tasted good and I left feeling satisfied.

Atmosphere: 4 / 5
Space is a commodity when you live in a city, and I think Jimmy T’s makes the best with what it’s got. Like I noted above, it offers that “diner” feel to it, complimented by some of the old-school decorations scattered around the place.

Service: 4.25 / 5
There were maybe only three or four people working (that I could see): one person cooking and the others serving / expediting / cleaning. When the place starts to get busy, I can imagine it must be taxing on them. That being said, I have to give the staff credit since even though it started to get crowded after we got in, I didn’t feel like we waited long for someone take down our order or to get our food.

Price: 4.25 / 5
I was very pleased with the $6 price tag on my breakfast combo, since I thought that it was certainly worth the money. Andrew’s eggs benedict with home fries, on the other hand, was closer to $10, which seemed a little overpriced (probably would have been more reasonable closer to $8 or so). Seems like item pricing could be hit-or-miss.

Overall: 16.75 / 20 (84%)

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